Diabetic Shoes & Diabetic Inserts For Qualifying Diabetics

What Is The Therapeutic Shoe Bill?

In 1993, Congress passed the Diabetic TSB, which made it possible to provide depth shoes & custom inserts, funded by Medicare part B, to patients with DM. This is a tremendous help in the management of diabetic foot. The program was designed to prevent lower limb ulcers, amputations, and other complications.

What Insurance is Accepted?

We are a Medicare and Medicaid Primary Facility. If you are diabetic and have one of the 6 qualifying conditions, Medicare part B could Cover 80% and you or your secondary are responsible for the remaining 20%. You are responsible for knowing what your insurance benefits are, concerning what insurance will and will not pay for. If in doubt, contact your insurance carrier (number on the back of your insurance card). This office assumes no responsibility for your lack of knowledge regarding your insurance benefits. You are responsible for all co-payments and deductibles at the time of service. We do not accept HMO plans at this time.

Do I Need An Appointment?

It is preferred to make an appointment with our office if you are going through insurance for Therapeutic shoes. We do accept walk-ins, however, all scheduled appointments will be seen first. You may contact us at Ph: 405-946-3668 or Toll-Free: at 1-800-850-2136. We schedule appointments Monday – Thursday from 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM.

What to Expect at my 1st Appointment?

Your Therapeutic Shoe fitter will make copies of your documentation and help you complete an intake form. Insurance validation will be processed. Your Fitter will perform an evaluation on your feet that will consist of: Measurements of the feet, impressions of the feet, pictures of your feet, the note of any callus formation, foot deformities, etc. You will get to try on fitting sizes and will be picking your style of shoe that works with your feet. We have a large selection to meet your comfort needs! You will not be leaving with a shoe on your 1st appointment with us. This is a process that requires you and your doctor’s cooperation.

What do I Need To Bring To My 1st Appointment?

Must Have The Following:

  • Insurance Cards – Primary and Secondary
  • Id Card – State identification or Drivers license card
  • Doctor Information – If you are a Medicare primary you must have an M.D. or D.O. That can have a face-to-face visit with you for a Diabetic Follow up. A PA, NP, CPN, and DPM will not be sufficient enough to complete this order.

Helpful things to bring with you:

  • Prescription for Diabetic Shoes and Diabetic Inserts.
  • A copy of your Certifying Physicians (M.D. or D.O.) Diabetic Progress Notes showing that they are managing your Diabetes, offering education on DM, and that you would benefit from Diabetic Shoes. The progress notes can ONLY be performed and signed by the M.D. or D.O.

Paperwork processing

At Compton’s, we do the leg work for you! We fax over the paperwork to your doctor’s office to be completed. Note, that this process takes time, and your doctor may need to see you to properly fill out the information to Medicare’s standards. If you would like a copy of the forms to take with you let your fitter know and they can assist you with that. Once all forms have been received and approved by Mr. Compton, we will then start the process of making any custom devices. We will contact you for your 2nd appointment when we are ready to fit you in your new Shoes and Inserts.

Picking Up My New Diabetic Shoes

At your 2nd appointment, you will then be fitted in your therapeutic shoes and inserts. Your fitter will check your fit and make any necessary adjustments. After you receive the perfect fit, you will then sign all the required forms for your insurance. You will get to leave with your new therapeutic shoes and inserts at that time.

Diabetic Shoes

Paperwork Requirements

FAQ – Therapeutic Shoes for Persons with Diabetes

Physician Documentation Requirements

Physician Documentation Request Letter

Physician Documentation Request Letter (Pecos)